HTML Article – Dogecoin Shiba (311).

Billy Marker, an American former engineer at IBM, as a joke or a parody forex featuring the Shiba Inu dog from the Doge” Web meme as its logo. Quite a few current posts on Valve’s boards include customers cautioning each other towards putting any bets on websites like straightforward-trade24.on-line , or csglobalcoin , or CSGO Dance , or CSGO Salty ‘”the record goes on’”with new posts on daily basis from users alleging they’ve been scammed or tricked or that sure sites have been rigging bets.

On the evening of August 26th, 2013, a group of customers on 4chan raided towards Reddit ‘s tongue-in-cheek patriotic forum /r/Murica 20 , flooding the subreddit’s frontpage with dozens of photoshopped pictures depicting the Doge character in All-American-themed settings (proven beneath).

Because of this the supporters of Dogecoin are left with the contradiction of supporting what they were originally trying to make enjoyable of. I consider it may have to do with the psychology of those that missed the primary boat and are looking for a swish option to get on board.